Sunday, January 22, 2017

EskieMama & Dragon Lady Reads Review: Healing Jacob by Nicole Stewart

Healing Jacob
Nicole Stewart 


Jacob Maddox

I’ve always wanted a fairytale love, and the night we meet is like something lifted out of a fever dream. With no place to go on a dark and stormy night, a luckless wanderer finds shelter with the man of his dreams. Except Lucas Deveraux is no Prince Charming.

He’s a bakery owner with an attitude problem. I’m a homeless guitar player with damage. We’re a bad ending waiting to happen. But his wicked mouth promises to cure everything that hurts me.

And I want to believe in him…

Lucas Deveraux

The night Jacob Maddox stumbles into my life, his vulnerability ignites a passion I can’t control. We bump heads, but our throbbing bodies connect. He’s always on the defense. I can’t bridle my tongue. He gets under my skin and into my system, and I can’t get enough.

I’m practical. This isn’t exactly a love story. Jacob comes with baggage, but so do I after being left at the altar by my high school sweetheart.

Oh, did I mention my ex chose right now to make a comeback?

Healing Jacbob is an extremely steamy, ultra high heat standalone Gay/MM romance with explicit scenes and a highly satisfying HEA ending!

Review:                                    5 stars

Well since I love love stories I thought I would give this one a try, the blurb sounded fascinating. So what is a gal to do but tackle a subject that I am not familiar with. Don't get me wrong, love is love and to be honest Eros does not care where he shoots his arrow.

Jacob Maddox and Lucas Deveraux two men and souls who have been wounded deeply, Jacob by this Father, to the point he now trusted no one and expected nothing good from anyone, yet dreamed of finding love. Lucas had been deserted by his boyfriend, someone he had known all his live, 6 months before they were due to tie the knot.
Cliche I know, but on a dark stormy night in Seattle Jacob and Lucas meet, the attraction is instant, but life is not easy, due to mistrust and pain, will both find the love they seek, will Lucas find happiness with Jacob and will Jacob be able to love Lucas back.
Won't say much more, its a cool book, a lovely story, that might even make you cry a bit.

Review by Jara

Happy Reading!

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