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EskieMama & Dragon Lady Reads Review: Escape: Flora by A K Michaels & Michelle Fox

Escape: Flora 
Blood Courtesans series 
A K Michaels & Michelle Fox


“Flora, that’s a beautiful name,” Maxwell stares intently at me, his eyes raking from head to toe then back again, making my feet shuffle and my heart rate explode in my chest. “I think you’ll do nicely for my time here. Remember, Flora, you are mine for the duration of my visit. All mine. After I leave you will get paid and can go on with your life however you see fit.”

Welcome to the world of Blood Courtesans.

Where Vampires are real and blood is a commodity that can give me my means of escape.

Money. Freedom. Escape. That’s my only reason for selling myself, body and blood, to Maxwell Steele, this cold and lethal being before me.
I’ll go to any lengths to escape being a prisoner within a Wolf Pack, including offering myself as a Blood Courtesan to a powerful and deadly Vampire. First I have to escape the Pack, and my Alpha father. Will Maxwell be strong enough to protect me? I hope so: he’s my last hope for freedom and to live life as I want. I pray I’ll survive, and I pray I’ll keep my soul intact. My name is Flora and this is my story.

Review                                      5 stars

Vampires sure have come a long way from when I was a girl, yes they can still be cruel and scary, but no longer as bad as I remember them being.
This book set in Scotland, oh yes it appears they have vamps there too. Maxwell comes home to take over his Fathers escape, a man he thoroughly hates as he blames him for his beloved Mother's death.
He will need to feed of course and this is where the Courtesans come in, namely Flora.
She is running away from her Father who is Alpha of a pack of wolves and treats his daughter badly. Max promises to take care of Flora, will he and will their budding feelings survive what's to come.
Great book, story is light, fast reading, nothing complicated in it, just fun and a sexy Vamp.

I received a copy for my honest review!

Review by Jara

Happy Reading!

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