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Two Crazy Ladies Love Romance Wednesday Spotlight w/#Giveaway: Runaway Love by Jamie Lee

Welcome to Two Crazy Ladies Love Romance
Wednesday Spotlight!

Runaway Love
(Fighting Chance #1)
by Jamie Lee

Living after the loss of my father, and at the cruel attention of my mother, I, Eli Madsen, was stuck in a world eclipsed in secrets of pain, fear and loneliness. 

Pushed to the edge with nowhere to go but down, I dreamed of an escape. Little did I know that the boy next door would give me just that. 

He knew my pain, my fears and my secrets because he had them too.

He was my hope, my love, my light and my promise. 

Brought together by an unlikely bond, we found something in each other that couldn’t be ignored; safety, strength and hope. Leaving everything, including the darkness behind, we set out to make a new life for ourselves.

We ran away from our past and ran towards our future. 

Until the day darkness found us once again, and promises made became promises broken.

We had a plan.
We had each other.
We had love.
And then we had nothing.

Runaway Love is a story of finding light in the midst of darkness. It’s a story of making something beautiful out of something so dark. But most of all, it’s a story of hope, love and taking chances. 

This is the first book in a two-book series. Each book can be read as a stand alone, and do not end in cliff-hangers.

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Tell us about Runaway Love.

Runaway Love is my debut novel.  It's a second-chance romance that pulls at your heartstrings while making you smile.
It's a story of an unlikely bond between a boy and girl and the courage it takes to leave behind one life for a new one.

What initially inspired you to write Runaway Love?

I've been writing as a hobby for 10 years. I started and stopped numerous stories.  I couldn't stop writing Runaway Love. It was an idea I had one day that wouldn't leave me alone. It was the first story that I didn't give up on.

Tell us little about the characters in Runaway Love.

Elizabeth  (Eli) lives alive no one envies. She is a bit of a recluse, keeping a secret that forces her to back away from friendships. She devotes her time to studying in hopes of graduating early. She's caring and selfless and dreams of a better life while living in a hell of her own.

Drew is the new boy in town with a picture perfect family. Or so they'd like you to believe. He's a fighter because that's all he's known. He's motivated because that's his only way out. He has the same dreams as Eli, a better life. Only he is ready for it now.

Together they grow, love and fight for a chance.

What was the hardest part of writing this book?

This book is about abuse-physical, emotional, sexual. I think those scenes were the hardest.

What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?

Ah! My part to write, without giving too much away, is Drew and Eli's night in Chicago. The exchanges that were made and the hope that was built, made me smile the entire time.

What are your future project(s)?

I released book 2 in The Fighting Chance series earlier this year. Stay is a spin-off but can be read individually.

I have a long list of ideas I want to write but there is one story in particular that's at the forefront.  It's an opposites attract story that has an amazing female and I can't wait to write her. This will be a little more “racy” than Runaway Love AND Stay.

The caterers are working away in the kitchen, the dining area is set, and I was just about finished getting ready. Max walks through the door, and I greet him with a kiss.
“Mmm, something smells good,” he says.
“It’s beef Wellington, your favorite.” I kiss his jaw and neck and grip his tie.
“I was talking about you,” he murmurs against my lips. “You look stunning.”
“Thank you.” I blush as he takes me in. He twirls me around to appreciate my new dress and pats me on the ass once done.
“I need to change before everyone gets here. Care to help me?” He raises his eyebrows in suggestion.
“I’d love to. But…your clients will be here in less than ten minutes. What kind of impression would I make answering the door with sex lips and ravaged hair?”
“A good one? Besides, you love my impression.” His words are suggestive and I love his playful mood.
“I do,” I step to him and whisper against his lips. “Every…long…hard…” We’re interrupted by a knock at the door.
“Fuck my life,” he exhales, running a frustrated hand through this hair and then dragging it down his face.
“I’ll get it. You go change,” I offer.
I answer the door and am greeted by Tess’ friendly face. Max started inviting her to these dinners for me. I love him for it and, let’s be honest, Tess in a room full of wealthy, handsome, mostly single professional athletes—she really didn’t mind doing me this favor.  
Tess and I break open some wine from the bar and head to the kitchen to steal a bite of food. Max joins us, and as soon as I hand him a drink, a knock alerts us to our first guests’ arrival.
“I’ll get it,” Max offers, handing me his drink.
Tess and I dive back into our conversation. I hear muffled greetings and deep voices but pay no attention.
Until I hear one that I know so distinctively, so intimately, I’d know it anywhere. With shaky legs, I slowly and hesitantly make my way to the front room. I hear Tess following me, asking me what’s wrong, but I ignore her, determined to prove myself wrong. It can’t be.  
I stop, frozen in disbelief and denial. His back is turned, so he doesn’t notice me. But it’s him.
“Ah, Elizabeth. Let me introduce you. This is Drew McAvoy. Drew, Elizabeth Madsen.” At Max’s introduction, Drew turns and his eyes meet mine.
“Eli?” Tess whispers at my side. “It looks like you’ve seen a ghost.”
 “I have.”

 I'm just a simple girl with stories to tell. I started writing 10 years ago, during a very difficult time. Reading and writing were my outlets. I realized then that not only was writing something I enjoyed doing but needed to do.
I wrote many stories that will never see the light of day, but that got me to where I am today.
I have an affinity to bad habits: coffee, Pepsi and licorice are just a few. I live in Milwaukee, WI with my husband and 2 handsome boys.I like to read naughty books to keep me warm on those cold winter days.

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