Friday, January 26, 2018

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The decade was the 80’s and the number one soap was General Hospital! 

In the 80’s and early 90’s family actually meant something. Family came in many forms from immediate family, hospital family or friends who became family like WSB family. When one member of those “families” needed the other they were there through thick and thin. Unlike today’s family which seem fair weathered at the least and seeing who can stab one another in the back.

One member of one of my favorite families on General Hospital was introduced to us 34 years ago tomorrow January 27, 1984, rock singer Frisco Jones. While Frisco was in the hospital recovering from the beating by Pirelli's goons, another Jones boy joined the staff of General Hospital Dr. Anthony Jones, neurologist. How can anybody forget that reunion of the Jones brothers! Tony was asked to check out Frisco due to “headaches”. Tony greets Frisco with “Andy” and Frisco greets him with a fist. 
It took them awhile to mend fences but when they did we saw a brotherly bond we hadn’t or haven’t seen on General Hospital.  The chemistry between the Jones brothers was extraordinary, they made you feel they were real life brothers. When they casted these two actors they made a phenomenal set of brothers.  Even when they added the women in their life Tania and Felicia it just added more to the Jones family, they all clicked as one! 

Another family that was one of my favorites was the WSB family. We were introduced to that family during the Aztec Treasure storyline. Robert Scorpio, who we all loved introduced us to Sean Donnelly,  friend and former boss of the WSB, & Anna Devane, ex-wife & former WSB agent. The 3 of them formed the WSB family and welcomed Frisco & Felicia to the clan.  “Brothers” Robert & Sean came to blows at the end of that storyline and separated the family, but by the end of the Asian Quarter harmony was back in the WSB family with the addition of little Robin “Soltini” Scorpio and later added Tiffany Hill. The WSB family gave us some excellent adventures, some tears and plenty of laughs. I loved when any of those family members were together on screen, you never knew if they would stay on script or ad-lib the scene.  As like the Jones family the chemistry between them was magnificent it seemed like they all acted together for years instead of a few months.  This family gave us some great moments.

And I can't forget The Quartermaine’s who couldn’t love that family! They were always quarreling amongst each other, which could make us laugh and shake our heads, but they had each others back even when they were trying to one up each other especially Edward and Jimmy Lee..  Unlike the Quartermaines of today. My favorite Quartermaine of all Lila, she knew how to keep Edward in check and how to get him to talk to himself and when you were family you stayed family with her, like Monica. In my opinion the Quartermaine’s were a comedy relief for the show. 

It is a shame that the families we loved in the 80's are few or doesn’t exist on today’s General Hospital, but they live on in our memories and YouTube.

Who was your favorite GH family? Was it the Joneses, Quartermaines or WSB family or did you have another favorite 80’s GH family. 

Well that wraps up another Friday Flashback for me, hope you join me again next week when I Flashback to my favorite one hit wonders of the 80’s.  Remember life is too short you have to be crazy. 


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