Thursday, January 11, 2018

Jara's Corner/#ThoughtfulThursday

Welcome to my corner Jara’s Corner/Thoughtful Thursday!

Ok here is the thing, I am not an Author and there are times that words
kind of just fly out of my mind, and there are times that they do not stop.
I do have a few things that I love besides my family.

I love to travel and love to take pictures, both of them have
been with me for as long as I can remember.

I also love to write poems, those make sense some times and
sometimes they don’t, they are just what I feel.
So here I will share that with you and how those have influenced
my love of books.  I will even share some pictures of some places
I have been to and show you how they tie with some of the books
I have read.

We will cover the Authors I like and why I love reading their books,
wonder how long that will last though, but will try to give you my
5 cents worth.  
I truly hope that you all will join me here and see what kind of crazy
things I can post and any suggestions will be welcome as long as they
are sort of clean hihi. After all the books I read, there are some things
that kind of still make me blush. But I  will welcome ideas as what
you would love to see or hear.

Here is a snippet of things to come!

 Please join me every Thursday you never know what
I may come up with!

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