Thursday, January 25, 2018

Jara's Corner/#ThoughtfulThursday

I did mention last week that I would talk about one of the places I visited or lived in, but not fully sure which one to pick.  No matter, I remember every trip and there are times when I close my eyes I can see the place and it’s like i'm walking there again.  

I am going to start locally, well locally I mean the United States.  This was my first trip to see Mt. St. Helen’s volcano, oops did I say volcano.  Yes I did Washington state has a few of them and thank God its been a while since any of them blew their lid.
The journey there was a quiet one as I choose to leave the house before the birds were even awake, that means like 3 AM.  The picture above is the beginning of the climb towards the mountain. 

This was getting close well closer to the mountain.  As one can see vegetation is coming back but still looks desolate and sad.  But standing there made me aware how small we are in the scheme of things.

My first view of the Lady was like, I am or must be crazy, what if she blows again. I would not even be well cooked bacon, but never mind I wanted more I wanted to get up as close as I could.

This was taken about 7 miles from the volcano, as I noticed life is coming back and they did not even bolt when they saw me and my car.

This was taken from Johnston Ridge and as close as I could get to it. As you can see it was still smoking and I could not stop and think how powerful and majestic it looked. Mother Nature at her best, proving again that we are just passing through this world.

This is what is left, you can see how the trees fell from the blast but one can also see how life is coming back.
Thank you for letting me take on this small journey, until next time.


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