Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Blog Tour w/Giveaway: Lost for You by Jayne Frost

Today we have the blog tour for Jayne Frost’s LOST FOR YOU! Check out the tour and grab your copy today!


Author: Jayne Frost

Genre: Contemporary Romance


I've been clean for years. But now my addiction has a face. Her face...

At eighteen, I stood at the precipice of stardom. I had the record deal. And the tour to back it up. But I succumbed to the pressure of that life. The dark side.

Now, I skate on the fringe. My brother is the genius guitarist for the band Caged, and I’m the one who helped make that happen. I’m happy to run my bars and my land development company.

Sure I am.

And then I meet her—Taryn Ayers—the music manager behind the three biggest bands in the country. She doesn’t know I’m Cam’s older brother. Or that I’ve got a secret that makes

her world and mine fundamentally incompatible.

Problem is, I want to know Taryn. I crave her as much as any drug.

But can I risk letting her know me?

 Lost For You is a STAND ALONE New Adult Romance.

Intended for mature audiences due to hot as sin rockstars and the world they live in.

**Please note: This book contains instances of drug use.**

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“You still didn’t tell me your name.” Holding up a hand when she narrowed her gaze, I pulled a card from my back pocket. “Okay, how about this … you can tell me tonight when we meet for drinks.”
Curiosity sparked in her eyes as she read the card. “Where’s Nite Owl?”
I leaned against the counter, smiling. “Just down the road a piece. Are you familiar with Sixth?”
She choked on her sip of coffee, but quickly recovered. “Yeah, I’m pretty familiar.”
She was familiar all right. Hauntingly. Maybe we could figure it out after the drinks. Naked.
I inched a little closer. “So, what time do you want to meet?”
As she pondered, I zeroed in on the name scrawled in black Sharpie on the waffled sleeve encasing her drink.
Taryn …
Blinking, I searched her face for a long moment. “You’re Taryn Ayers.”
When she flinched, I realized it sounded like an accusation. Still, I waited to see if she’d correct me. But all I got was a forced smile. It was the saddest thing, those beautiful lips bending against their will.
Before I could respond, Taryn turned on her heel and headed for the door.
It should’ve ended there. Because it wasn’t about me. It was about my brother. Cameron already had to overcome being Tyler Noble’s son. But even my father never burned the bridges that I did in the industry. There was no unfulfilled six-figure contract with Tyler’s name attached to it. And Tyler didn’t overdose backstage at a concert venue.
But I wasn’t thinking about Cameron when I followed Taryn out of the coffee shop. And my brother was the last thing on my mind when I caught up with her at the light on Congress.
I wasn’t aware that I’d said her name out loud until she swung her stormy blue eyes in my direction. And for a moment I thought fate would intervene and save me from myself. One word. That’s all it would take. And I’d go.
But then she smiled, and the clouds receded from her gaze. “Yes?”
That wasn’t the word I was looking for. “Yes” held all kinds of possibilities. None of them good.
Adrenaline coursed through me and I felt it. That rush I got when I crossed the line. Any line.

“So … are we on for drinks at seven?”

About the Author:

I’m an author who hails from Texas (by way of California), currently living in Sin City.

A romantic by nature, I believe in fairytales and happily ever afters. And music. Because the best stories always have a soundtrack.

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