Friday, January 19, 2018

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The decade was the 80’s and the number one soap was General Hospital! 

From a very early age I remember watching soap operas in the afternoon when I wasn’t in school. It was the only thing on from 12:30- 4:00 in the afternoon, you have to remember when I was a kid we only had 3 channels and all 3 channels aired a soap at those times. I remember my mom & dad, yes my dad would watch Young & the Restless on CBS before he left for work. My mom then would turn it over to ABC and watch One Life to Live and General Hospital. If I happen to be at my grandmother’s,  she would watch Days of Lives and Another World and she would always turn the TV off after Another World ended  to start supper with for my grandfather. I remember her telling me never to let grandpa know that was how she spent her afternoons & her secret was always safe with me. But when I got older and was really into General Hospital she allowed me to watch it while she cooked supper, she acted like she was watching it but she was from the kitchen. I vaguely remember any of the storylines at the time but some of the characters I do remember. 

But that all changed when Blackie Parrish arrived in Port Charles and more  when Frisco Jones appeared in PC.  I became a faithful watcher when my teenage crush Jack Wagner came on board as Frisco Jones. I would run home from school each day just to catch what was happening on GH. The only other day that I can remember running home to watch GH before Blackie & Frisco came citizens of Port Charles, was that one November day in 1981 when soap opera's first supercouple Luke & Laura exchanged vows. Yes I was one of those 30 million viewers to watch the nuptials of Luke & Laura but was not a true faithful fan, until January 27 1984 when Frisco Jones became the head singer of Blackie & the Riff Raff. 

Now talk about nice eye candy for a teenager, two scrumptious hunks on the screen at the same time my heart went wild.  

I have always thought 1984-1989 was the magic time on GH! You just didn’t have drama, but action & comedy especially when it came to the Quartermaine family, Jones Brothers or the WSB gang  as I called them Robert, Anna, Sean, Tiffany, Frisco & Felicia, they sure could make you laugh. There was so much ad-lib between certain characters it was fabulous. The chemistry between the characters was out of this world, you don’t find it in today’s cast in my opinion well maybe a couple.  

Back in the 80’s most of the cast were either doctors, nurses, other hospital personnel or relatives of one the hospital personnel and you were guaranteed a shoot of the hospital in every episode not like General Hospital of today & the good guys ALWAYS wore the white hats. Also most of the couples just didn’t jump in the sack right after meeting each other, there was a lead up, most of the time a lot of sexual tensions was playing out for many weeks before they had sex! Unlike today they meet and the next thing you know they are in bed. What happened to the romance, the sexual tension that we would all love to watch develop. Now all we see is wham bam thank you ma’am.  I don't know about you but you but I would rather watch them fight the tension building up between the couple than them going right to the deed. 

Well that wraps up this week’s Friday Flashback. Feel free to give me your opinion on today’s post. Were you a soap addict when soaps were booming, if so what were some of your favorites. I hope you join me next week when I head back to General Hospital of Yesteryear. 

Until next time!  Remember life is too short you got to be crazy!


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