Thursday, January 18, 2018

Jara's Corner/#ThoughtfulThursday

I love traveling, reading and photography, and they all tie in a way that I never thought they would.  
Reading has taken me to places I do not know and would never be able to visit, and again it has taken me to places, towns and castles that I have read about.  It has taken me to places that are a stark reminder of pain, war and blood.
Some places are historical places and its not hard to visualize history taking place, often times I wish that the stones or bricks could talk and tell me what has really happened.

Stonehenge is such place, I have read so many books about this place, on how it was possibly built, and I have visited this place and could not help but stand in awe, who built it, how did it affect their lives, why they built it, those are questions that I thought of, and wished with all my heart that the stones could talk, but they don’t.  So all I have is what I read about them and how they possibly were built.  But it's the books that took me there and its books that continue to take me to wonderful places and places I hope to one day visit.

As this place where dinosaurs once roamed, now only humans visit it, so Friend travel if you can satisfy that muse in you by visiting different places and if not let the books take you there. I might pick a place I visited before and share that with you. Until next time have a great week. Jara

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