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Release Event: Win Me Over by Heather Slade

Heather Slade

Win Me Over

Cowboys of Crested Butte Book Five

Release Date February 05, 2018

Bullet Simmons never rides shotgun, but there is no question, Tristan McCullough has taken control of the wheel.

Bad boy, bull rider Bullet Simmons has a good heart. He just has trouble in the decision-making department, which helped him develop his well-earned reputation on the rodeo circuit. That reputation was cultivated before his son’s mother died, however, leaving him a single parent. Bullet was a different man now, a man determined to become a world championship bull rider, to make a better life for his son. To do that, though, he needed money, or more specifically the coveted Lost Cowboy sponsorship.

When he meets the keeper of that gold and holder of his dreams, Tristan McCullough, owner of Lost Cowboy, Bullet turns on the charm to win her over. But he quickly finds out Tristan is unimpressed and is going to be a tough nut to crack. Why? Because his reputation has preceded him with her and her brand has an image to uphold, which according to her, he doesn’t fit. Bullet sets out to prove her wrong, but has no idea how to do that.

He is just about to give up hope, when he hears that Lost Cowboy has teamed up with the Flying R Rough Stock Ranch to co-sponsor the sponsorship. He hires on there hoping, if he works hard enough, he can prove to them he has changed and is the right man for the job. But Tristan is still resistant, even under pressure from the men at the Flying R who have become his friends.

Fate sends him a last chance, a golden opportunity, when he finds himself alone with Tristan for a week at a dude ranch in the Colorado Rockies. Bullet vows to pull out all the stops, even his old ways, since the new ways weren’t working.

But would those moves get him the money or a swift kick in the nuts? Or would his life be further complicated by falling in love with a hardheaded rich girl who’d sworn off loving bad boy bull riders?


“You can’t leave until tomorrow. Stay one more night, at least.”
“I don’t know; I really should get back.”
“If you stay until Tuesday, Ben can fly you back.”
Tristan couldn’t stay until Tuesday, and she couldn’t ask Ben to fly her across the country again so soon.
“I appreciate it, but—”
“Go home tomorrow instead.”
“Liv, you’re being silly.”
“There’s a party tonight, just for the partners. Billy and Jace are gonna be mad if you miss it.”
Tristan folded her arms in front of her. “Really?” she smirked. “They’re going to be mad at me?”
“As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I knew you wouldn’t buy it. How about this? I’m begging you to stay.”
Wait. I’ve got one better. If you stay, I’ll invest in your new clothing line.”
That got Tristan’s attention. The idea had been in the back of her mind, and was one of the reasons she hadn’t broached the subject with her father yet. She’d been contemplating producing the line on her own. Making it separate from Lost Cowboy.
“Aha! That got you thinking, didn’t it?” Liv reached around and patted herself on the back. “I knew I could get you to stay.”
“Are you serious, or do you just want me to stay?”
The expression on Liv’s face changed. She was no longer joking. “I’m very serious. And I’m not the only one interested.”
“Who else?”
“Lyric, Dottie, Bree, Renie. I’m sure Paige, who’s Bree and Blythe’s mother, would be interested too. She’s the real businesswoman of the bunch.”
“You’re kidding?”
“I’m not.”
“Are you kidding? There are a thousand reasons.”
“Name a couple.”
“You already know the first reason. We love your designs. Apart from that, it’s girly. We’re surrounded by cowboys and rough stock. Not that we don’t love our cowboys. But investing in your line would give us a feminine outlet.”
Tristan listened intently. Liv was serious. This wasn’t a ploy to get her to stay longer, and Liv wasn’t being polite. She believed enough to want to invest. And so did the others.
“Okay. I’ll stay.”
Liv let out a whoop and danced around the kitchen. “Call the lawyers, Dottie! We’re startin’ a clothing line.”
“Let’s finish making dinner first. Then we’ll call the lawyers,” Dottie answered.
“Spoilsport,” Liv teased.
“Can I help?” Tristan asked Dottie, who put her flour-covered hand on Tristan’s shoulder.
“Do you like to cook? I’d love to have more help.” Dottie glared at Liv when she said it, but it quickly turned into a smile.
“I’m a great cook,” answered Liv.
“You’re a great baker.”
“You’re right. Ben is a better cook than I am.”
“You got that right, darlin’.” Ben walked into the kitchen, put his arms around Liv’s waist, and kissed her cheek. “But I love you anyway.”
Liv turned around and gave Ben a kiss that made Tristan blush. When she looked over at Dottie, the woman was smiling at her. Tristan’s eyes filled with tears.
Dottie pulled her over. “What’s wrong, sweet girl?”
“You remind me so much of my mother,” Tristan whispered. When Dottie hugged her tight, Tristan couldn’t stop her tears. “I miss her so much.”
“How long has it been, sweetheart?”
“She died when I was fifteen.”

About the Author:

Heather Slade

My books are filled with things that bring me joy: music, wine, skiing, families, artists, and cowboys. Not always in that order. I’m an Amazon best-selling author, and a PAN member of Romance Writers of America. I speak, teach, blog, am an executive sommelier, and all-around entrepreneur. I grew up an east coast girl, and then spent half my life on the west coast. Now my husband, our two boys, and I happily call Colorado home.

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