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Two Crazy Ladies Love Romance #MondaySpotlight w/#Giveaway: Hers To Save by Michelle Connor

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Hers To Save
by Michelle Connor

When Aveline is betrothed to the Lord of her Village, it starts a journey that will take her far from home and everything she has ever known. She befriends a creature she's only encountered in fairytales. Aeolius is twice her height and covered in silver scales.
Together they start a journey which will lead them into a battle they have no idea is being fought.
Can Aveline find her courage to play her part as a King's madness spreads across the land?

Embark on a coming of age tale, turn the page the saga has begun.

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What initially inspired you to write Hers To Save?

The start of the tale came to me when I was trying to sleep. So much so that I ended up getting out of bed and finding paper and pen just to empty my mind so I could get some sleep.

Tell us little about the characters in Hers To Save.

Aveline is the main character in the book. Her mother died when she was a young girl and she was left to bring up her younger brother. She lived a life were she had to tiptoe around her father's violent rages and felt alone in the small village where she grew up.

Aeolius is a young dragon. He reminds me of a kitten, but with very sharp claws. He is loyal and fierce, but sometimes his young age shows.

Herveus’ character I fell in love with. He is my very own anti-hero and I think over the course of the story he is the one who grows the most. He is a spy/assassin for Prince Dayton.

What was the hardest part of writing this book?

The character Paul is named after my lifelong friend Paul Humprey. He passed away after a long fight with cancer just as I was finishing the third part of the book. I became stuck on the first chapter his character appeared in and it took a long time to get passed the block.

What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why? 

My favourite parts to write were the interactions between Aeolius and a young boy in the story called Bramwell. Through most of the writing I was dealing with heavy emotions. The scenes between these two characters is light and fun and gave me a break from needing tissues.

What are your future project(s)?

I’m currently working on a fantasy romance called Ice. It is set in world of the fae. This book will not have a HEA. 

Is there anything else you would like to tell the readers about this book/series? 

I wanted the series to be able to be read by young adults as well as an older audience so there is no swearing in the book. There is mild violence, as well as at the beginning of the book physical abuse by Aveline’s father. These scenes are more alluded to than actual written. 

Below a shale-grey sky, a brooding stone wall slashes across the landscape. Sweat beads Aveline's forehead as her mind drifts in a veil of darkness. The vivid recollection of damp dungeon walls closes in on her, shackling her mind in the past where fear greets her. Like a guiding light, the soft touch of small fingers interlacing with her own drag her back from the dark fissure. Glancing down into the pasty face of her younger brother, she squeezes his hand. Crowded close together for warmth, slick-footed they thread their way through a massive set of wrought iron gates. Bone-white ice crystals lace the ground—left behind as a sparkling gift by the chilling winter’s breath. The sharp wind bites into her frozen cheeks. Reaching up, Aveline pulls the squirrel fur-lined hood tighter against her face.
A deathlike quietude haunts the city’s narrow streets, not a soul moves or murmurs. As if a canvas painted maroon by the violent brush-stroke of a painter’s brush, the cobble-stoned thoroughfare depicts the voiceless memories of violence. Many doors hang from limp hinges and the sunlight reflects off fractured and jagged glass windows. Pears, rotten and trodden lie scattered across the pathway, their sweet, rancid stench permeating the air. A flash of colour out of place against the sparkling ground catches Aveline's attention. Dropping to her knees, coldness seeps through her leggings as she reaches forward with trembling hands and clutches a hold of a tiny shoe. Rubbing her thumb over the soft egg-blue material she tries to wipe away the speckles of crimson. Chin trembling, she tightens her fist around the discarded object and glances around. On the other side of the street rests a cart tipped on its side, underneath, attached to a matching shoe, a small leg sticks out. Scrambling to her feet, she sprints across the road. Pushing against the spokes of a large wheel, the cart rocks up a fingers width. Feet slipping in a gloop of pear mulch, she loses traction and the vehicle thuds back to the ground. Leaning forward, splinters of wood dig into her flesh and with gritted teeth she pushes again. A pair of masculine hands appear beside her own, and with a loud groan the cart topples over. 
Exposed to the elements, the girls bruise mottled limbs twist at odd angles. Her delicate frame, covered in an embroidered fuchsia pink gown, lies unmoving. With cherub cheeks lacking a flush of colour and a face as pale as a harvest moon, Aveline can tell the small child has already been visited by the angel of death. Suffocating with each stuttering breath, an avalanche of anguish bleeds from Aveline's eyes, distorting her vision. Tilting his upper body to the side, Herveus rests his head against Aveline's own. “We'll bury her before we leave. I promise you.” 

Michelle Connor had her first poems published when she was fifteen years old. Her writing was put on the back burner as she became a mother of three and a parent to a cat, dog, and a husband.

As well as writing, she has a love for anything artistic, from painting to photography. She enjoys the freedom that artwork gives hers. The chance to escape into the world of her characters or into a painting, bringing imaginary people to life from a blank canvas.

Reading books is one of her great passions and she devours books as if they were actual substance. When her head is not in a book she can usually be found spending time with her family or spending hours driving through the countryside.

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