Friday, February 2, 2018

Book Blitz: Thirty Days of Hate by Ginger Talbot

Ginger Talbot

Thirty Days of Hate

Thirty Days Trilogy Book 3

Release Date December 31, 2017

Secrets and lies tore us apart. Can love keep us together?

SERGEI Willow thought she got away from me, but she was wrong from the beginning, wrong about everything. I find her trying to take down a human trafficking ring, unsure whether I'm there to help her, or drag her down. But from now on, Willow doesn't have a choice. She will be my wife. She will submit. She will play her role. 30 days until she becomes mine forever. 30 days for her final chance to run. 30 days, and Willow will be my wife, mine until the end of days. WILLOW Sergei wants me to trust him. He orders me to marry him, and he’s giving me no choice in the matter. But our enemies are circling in, enemies we didn’t even know we had. Evil is closer than ever, so close I can

feel its hot breath on the back of my neck. He's hunting me, and there's nowhere left to run. I'll have to face the devil himself - and I have a feeling he will make me pay in blood. I don't know who to trust. Is Sergei the perfect liar... or the perfect lover?

*** Thirty Days Trilogy is is a dark romance, complete with trigger warnings! Part 3 of a 3 part series. The complete series is now available. No cheating, HEA guaranteed. ***


About the Author:

Ginger Talbot is a fan of dark chocolate, dark romance, and talking about herself in the third person. She's a restless soul who's wandered from coast to coast, and can generally be found in the local bookstore coffeeshop, flipping through the pages of a romance or thriller, and overindulging in lattes.

She majored in journalism and, in days of yore, worked as a newspaper reporter covering cops and courts, and then went on to work as a patient care tech in an emergency room. She's also done stints as the world's worst secretary and a mediocre cocktail waitress. Now she sits around all day making up stories about sexy, dominant Alpha-holes and the smart-mouthed, sassy women who love to hate to love them..

Check out the other books in the Thirty Days Trilogy:

Book 1:

A monster doesn't know how to love.

But maybe she can teach him...

If he doesn't break her first.


My uncle handed me over as collateral for a $5 million debt...

And the beast who claimed me knows no mercy.

I don't know if he has a soul, or if I can melt his frozen heart.

Sergei is a Russian mob boss, a cruel, evil man who draws pleasure from my pain.

My time to find the man inside the monster is running out.

If I don't save him, I won't be able to save myself.


Willow is just a pawn in my war against the Toporov family.

A delicious, sexy little pawn I can't wait to hurt in all the ways I know by heart.

I'm going to make her every nightmare come true.

But Willow has a hidden fire. She has a tender heart.

Too bad for her... Because I'm about to put her light out.

I'm about to make sure she never, ever loves me.


Book 2:

The monster draws pleasure from my pain.

Now, it's time to fight back.


30 days of pain have pushed Willow to her limits.

My pretty prisoner is no longer meek. She's trying to resist.

But my precious prize doesn't know what I know.

Nobody has ever won a war against me.

Nobody has ever bested me.

And she's not going to be the first.

Good luck, little Willow...

Now you're not fighting to escape anymore.

You're fighting to survive.


My captor's rules have changed.

I'm still a prisoner, and freedom seems further away than ever.

I have endured every blow, every harsh word, every kind of hurt Sergei threw at me.

But now I've betrayed him, and I've awoken the monster within.

I have to pay for my sins...or my family will pay the price.


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