Thursday, June 22, 2017

Virtual Book Tour w/Giveaway: Choosing Love by Eilidh McGinness

New Adult / Romance
Date Published: May 19, 2017

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Spark’s fly the moment they meet, but what happens next?

Jason Stanford is charismatic, handsome, wealthy and alone in Bordeaux, France.
He intends to stay six months in order to advance his space travel ambitions
and to learn French.   His plans are turned upside down by a chance meeting
with ambitious Aurelie Dumas. She is determined to teach Jason all about what
the French do best- love.

Aurelie Dumas is a career focused estate agent. Jason’s star bound ambitions
soon capture her heart, but this girl can’t do long term relationships.  Jason
helps her come to terms with a family secret which has fractured her family
but will that be enough to make her want to stay around.


He could feel the energy in the air created by the chemistry between them. He felt a surge of satisfaction. He had been right about making a changein his life. Moving to Bordeaux had been the right choice. The city interested him and this chance meeting with a strangely alluring female seemed auspicious.

A woman who had literally just stepped into his car from no-where. He snatched another glance at the girl sitting in the passenger seat,for all the world as if she belonged there.

"What will we do at the beach?"he asked.

"What do you like to do?" she responded, her voice sounding even sexier than before, although that seemed barely possible. Her deep chocolate eyes boldly held Jason's, challenging him. As they reached another set of traffic lights, he pulled to a stop, welcoming the opportunity to occupy himself more fully with his new-found acquaintance.

The girl laughed,and her eyes glinting with mischief, she opened the car door and slipped out of the vehicle, as unexpectedly and as gracefully as she had arrived.

About the Author

EILIDH MCGINNESS has always loved fairy-tales, history and other world fantasies.  She is never happier than when reading a good book.  Writing is a passion which she finds time for by studiously avoiding ironing and a whole manner of other household chores. Eilidh has four children. The elder two have now fled the nest and the younger two live with her in South-West France.  Eilidh was born in Scotland and although now based in France during the school term spends as much time as she can in Scotland and travelling.

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