Thursday, June 29, 2017

EskieMama & Dragon Lady Reads Audiobook Review: Jake by Sharon Hamilton Narrated by JD Hart

Jake (Band of Bachelors, #3)
by Sharon Hamilton
Narrated by JD Hart


Navy SEAL Jake Green wakes up in the Honeymoon Suite at the Desert Oasis Motel in Las Vegas and can’t remember how he got there. But that’s not the only thing he doesn’t remember. A bachelor, his left hand now sports a gold wedding ring.

Review:                                  5 stars

Another amazing book in Sharon Hamilton's series about Navy Seals, this one is Band of Bachelors , Jake. I read the book and found myself again fascinated about the story. Jake finds himself in a strange room and tied to a bed and has no idea how he got there.
Rescued by his brother he now has to figure out how or why, one thing he knows is that his drinking is getting in the way, he also runs into his hex wife, the one person he has never stopped loving.
Now both of them are together again, and Jake is willing to give it a shot, but as in life, things get in the way, problems with Family, a mission that takes him somewhere else and issues that arise with the mission.
Will Jake manage to get together with his ex, trust me well I loved it, and if you like Seals this is a good read for you, also on audible with JD Hart narrating the story.

I received a free audiobook for my honest review!

Review by Jara

Happy Reading!

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