Thursday, July 20, 2017

EskieMama & Dragon Lady Reads Review: The Marquess Searches for Love by Katy Walters

The Marquess Searches for Love:
The Belles of Bath
by Katy Walters

USA TODAY Best Selling Author. Katy Walters writes from sweet to steamy to sizzling hot where her heroes go after the evildoers and the girls have a mind of their own.

This novel is steamier than her other series.


Under pressure from her aunt, Lady Rosamond Whitney agrees to attend the Little Season in support of her widowed friend Lady Harriett Templeton. However, she has no wish to find a husband for herself,

Still mourning for her young husband, Lady Harriett also has no desire to marry again. Yet they both give in to their beloved aunt who fears for their future if they do not meet worthy husbands.

After visiting the modiste who is preparing their ball gowns and riding habits for the Little Season, they go to a local coffee house, unaware of the danger ahead.
Enter the Lord Sebastian, 6th Marquess of Delmoor, once a renowned rakehell and hero of the Battle of Waterloo suffering from war wounds that make it highly unlikely he will win the love of a woman. His friend, Lord Charles Roberts, 10th Viscount Morhampton intent of finding a bride, begs Sebastian's support as he attends the Little Season.

On their way, to Bath, they stop for coffee at the local coffee house little realizing they would be fighting a rapacious group of drunken dandiprats intent on dishonouring Lady Rosamond and Lady Harriett.

Jara's Review:                           4 stars

Tay Demmett, has chosen to be a Navy Seal not so unlike the Son's of Poseidon and this is his story.
He is to remain and serve the human race to protect them from harm as he has done for centuries, I am immortal and have so lived for a very long time.
Now serving as a Seal in the Navy under Kyle and others like him who serve and protect.
Meeting Marney has also brought back feelings I though were long dead, but she reawakened them and now I am totally lost in this human woman, will both Tay and Marney find the love that is invading their pores or will Tay leave her so she can find a love with a human male, read the story its a good one well writen and it brings back characters from other books that Sharon so lovingly wrote and created.

I received a free copy for my honest review!

Happy Reading!

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