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EskieMama & Dragon Lady Review: Waiting For Aegina by Effie Kammenou

Waiting For Aegina
Gift Saga #2
Effie Kammenou


Book Two in The Gift Saga: The continuation of Evanthia’s Gift …

In 1961, five little girls moved into a suburban neighborhood and became inseparable, lifelong friends. They called themselves the ‘Honey Hill Girls,’ named after the street on which they lived. As teenagers they shared one another’s ambitions and dreams, secrets and heartaches. Now, more than thirty years later, they remain devoted and loyal, supporting each other through triumphs and sorrows.

Evanthia's Gift follows the life of Sophia Giannakos. In Waiting for Aegina the saga continues from the perspectives of Sophia and her friends as the story drifts back and forth in time, filling in the gaps as the women grow to adulthood.

Naive teenage ideals are later challenged by harsh realities, as each of their lives takes unexpected turns. Now nearing their fiftieth year, Sophia, Demi, Amy, Mindy and Donna stand together through life-altering obstacles while they try to regain the lighthearted optimism of their youth.

Review                             5 stars

All I can say is WOW! When I thought Effie Kammenou could not take me on another emotional rollercoaster after reading her debut novel Evanthia’s Gift, I was mistakenly wrong!  Waiting For Aegina took me on a very emotional rollercoaster ride from the very beginning.  Just when you thought everything was going to turn out for the “Honey Hill Girls”, BAM something just brought you to tears. One moment you were in tears and the next you felt all warm inside and BAM another tearful moment.

Waiting for Aegina is a continuation of Evanthia’s Gift, it picks up after Dean and Sophia’s wedding after the first chapter.  It covers six years of Sophia, Demi, Donna, Mindy and Amy’s lives about their true friendship, always being there if it was only one or all of the girls, each girl was only a phone call away.  Each one was going through their own life struggles but was always their when their friend needed them the most, even when on of that friend wasn’t open about it they were so close they knew when one of them need to step up for them. I loved the continuation of Sophia & Dean’s romance it was a delight to watch their love & commitment continue.  And Demi never changes she tells it like it is doesn’t hold back, I love all the women but Demi has become my favorite I see a little of myself in her.

Waiting for Aegina is a beautiful written story about true friendship between five women that you watch develop in Evanthia’s Gift and stayed strong for over 30 years with a little love and romance thrown in.  Waiting for Aegina is stand alone read but I recommend you read Evanthia’s Gift to understand some of the moments in the book but not necessary.  If you are looking for wonderful, emotional friendship book I recommend you grab a copy of Waiting for Aegina & while you are at pick up Evanthia’s Gift both are wonderfully written. This is one reader who is waiting patiently for the Gift Saga to continue.

I received a free copy in exchange for my review!

Review by Mel

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