Sunday, June 26, 2016

EskieMama Reads Review: The Hang Up by Tawna Fenske

The Hang Up
by Tawna Fenske

Blurb:                                          5 Stars

PR specialist Miriam Ashley makes her living cleaning up bad boys. Mountain climber-turned-CEO Jason Sanders should be an easy fix. And with a nephew to care for, he’s motivated. The problem? Every time she tries to help Jason get his head in the boardroom, they end up in the bedroom.

What the hell is she thinking? He’s the definition of off-limits. Not just because he’s a client—he spends his free time risking his life mountain climbing. The same thing that got her father killed. She’s not going to open her heart to a guy who could disappear at the drop of a…well, she’d rather not finish that thought.

She needs to leave complicated alone, but every time she sees Jason, something tells her it’s her who might fall…


A normal love story, boy meets girl, Family involved for Jason has a sister and nephew he cares for, and getting involved romantically is not in the books for him. 
Miriam tries to avoid entanglement with men like Jason, the pain she suffered is deep, but Cupid has other thoughts. My favorite part in the entire book, was when Miriam is giving him lessons on how to be more sophisticated and she develops a case of the hiccups, and not it begins, finding a cure to stop them. I never laughed so much when reading a book as I did here.
The book is a great book, a great story.

I received a free copy in exchange for my honest review!

Reviewed by Jara

Happy Reading!!!

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