Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Excerpt Tour w/Giveaway: Regenerate by Sarita Leone

by Sarita Leone
GENRE: Paranormal Romantic Suspense


Sarita will be awarding a $25 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.Please visit GoddessFish.com to follow the tour, remember the more you comment better your chances on winning.



The Octopus isn't an urban myth—and its agents are anything but ordinary. The intelligence bureau is so well-hidden most doubt its existence. A handful know its location. And fewer walk the halls in the subterranean compound.

Benjamin Sinclair didn't ask to be a scientific miracle but every mission has its risks and one perfectly-placed bullet ended his life—for a brief moment in time.

Nicole Anima battles demons every day. Life as a paranormal resources operative gives her tortured mind a rest—and keeps her from contemplating her own death.

When Anima and Sinclair partner on a globe-trotting race to eliminate the threat about to cripple humanity, all hell breaks loose. Leaping from planes, crashing into continents, dealing with voodoo priestesses, and running through jungles with zombies hot on their trail doesn't leave much time for romance, but this duo somehow manages to sizzle.

Two agents. Telepathic mind paired with regenerated commando. One world—and a mission to save it.

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She turned toward the noise. The cabinet looked like all the rest, except for a keypad tucked discreetly near the bottom corner. The phone buzzed again. It would continue until hell froze over or she answered it, whichever came first.

She took a swig, wondering what it would take to actually make hell freeze. More talent than even she possessed.

Heaving a sigh, she crossed the room, punched in the code and opened the cabinet door. Sheer stubborn annoyance made her take another long pull from the bottle before she removed the phone.

A finger tap to the screen cut it off mid-buzz. She held it near her chin, screwing her eyes shut and wishing, not for the first time, that she’d been born normal.


Being polite wasn’t a requirement. It only mattered that she be alive. There had been many times in her life when she wished she didn’t have the oppressive responsibility of breathing, but no matter how often or how fervently she’d yearned for death, her heart continued to beat.

Another twisted karmic joke.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Sarita Leone is an award-winning author who has written romance in many forms including Regency, paranormal, and contemporary. She loves happily-ever-afters in any setting!

When she’s not writing, Ms. Leone spends her time hiking, learning languages, and traveling. She loves adventure and can pack a suitcase, grab her passport, and hit the road in less time than it takes to peel an apple!

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  5. Love reading paranormal romance. Can't wait to read.

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