Sunday, September 18, 2016

EskieMama Reads Review: The Killer in You by Dakota Madison

The Killer In You
by Dakota Madison


Falling in love with your boss’s wife is never a good idea, especially when you’re a mobster.

Mia Corrado can't remember the last time she had sex with her husband, Nicky. He’s been preoccupied with his job as the head New Jersey’s most powerful crime family, and all of the wild oats he sews on the side.

When Nicky tells Mia he’s too busy to attend her college reunion, and wants to send one of his underlings to accompany her, Mia is completely fed up.

Until she discovers it is Luka Russo who will be escorting her. He’s handsome, charming and sensitive, definitely not the typical mobster.

Mia is completely captivated by him.

And Luka is just as smitten with Mia.

But if they act on their feelings for each other Luka may end up sleeping with the fishes.

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Review:                                      5 Stars

The Mafia, wow the book was not quite what I thought it was going to be, I was expecting everything Mafia, fights, killing and God only knows what else goes on. We do have a lovely triangle here Nicky in charge the big Boss, one that not only does what he needs to do, but has mistress a galore and pretty much ignores his wife, Mia his lovely wife, ignored and very aware of her philandering husband and what he does. Loyal Luka who has feeling for Mia.
Mia wants to go the her 25 year reunion, Nicky tells her he has to go to Florida, but send Luka with her to watch over her and make sure no man touches her. Now that made me laugh, here is one man having affairs to the left and right but God forbid his wife looks at another man.
To find out what happens, please read the book, it's a lovely story and easy to read, and you will love the characters, Dakota Madison thank you for a great trip through your imagination.

I received a free copy in exchange for my honest review!

Reviewed by Jara

Happy Reading!

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