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EskieMama Reads Midweek Spotlight w/Giveaway: Surface Below: Dark Secrets by Leeah Taylor

Welcome to EskieMama Reads Midweek Spotlight!
Today we are spotlighting Leeah Taylor's Debut Novel
Surface Below: Dark Secrets

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Leeah Taylor's Debut Novel & book 1 of the Surface Below series
Dark Secrets

When their paths cross, William Marks and Becca Lorde couldn't help but feel like they knew each other. Their meeting, however, would set into motion the unraveling of 20 year old secrets. Secrets to protect them and their siblings until the time was right. To awaken the rightful Heir and Heiress of the Bottom World. Secrets, lies and betrayals leave the family divided. Giving an unexpected enemy, with a thirst for power, the opportunity to end it all.

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Q & A with Leeah Taylor Surface Below: Dark Secrets!

Tell us about Surface Below: Dark Secrets?
Surface Below is about finding unconditional love. Finding someone that will love you for you. It’s also about the bond of family and proves that the bond is only as strong as the trust and honesty within that family.

What initially inspired you to write Surface Below: Dark Secrets?Several years ago I started a different story called Saved but Damned. It never really shaped up the way I had hoped. And after about five years of struggling to write it, I set it down and let it go. And then one day the story started to take new shape with new characters and a new story to tell. After that it almost (almost), told itself.

Tell us little about the characters in this book.
The characters in Surface are all over the map. You have Becca who is quite shy and introverted. And then William, who on the outside seems outgoing but really he’s just as shy as her. Markus is the down to earth and realistic brother to William. Where as Z, the other brother, is more shoot first and ask questions later. Finally you have Miranda. She is all about confidence. And Nikki, free spirited and encouraging.

The all seem to compliment each other in one way or the other. Writing about them was a roller coaster of craziness sometimes. Especially once they took on their own personalities. Then it was just madness all around.

What was the hardest part of writing this book?
Always second guessing the storyline. Whether it was strong, smooth and well told. Sometimes it felt like I would never finish it. And other times I couldn’t wait to be done with it. Ha ha. My little darlings were quite fickle at times.

What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?
My favorite part of the book was when William and Becca meet for the first time. She’s so shy about going over to him. And he is obviously very smitten with her, almost immediately. As I was writing the scene I could almost feel the sparks coming to life between them. Another example of the story writing itself.

What are your future project(s)?
Currently I have two projects. The first is book two of the Surface Below Series titled, Surface Below: Rebirth. It’s in the beginning stages and I hope to have it out by next Spring. Assuming the characters cooperate.
My second project is a new series titled Night of Moons. The first book called The Hybrid. It is about a vampire, Damien, who is faced with the threat of war from the wolves because of bodies found in the city. Tangled in is the epic love story of Damien and his ex-girlfriend, Juliette. She just so happens to be a vampire hunter. This book I am also hoping to release sometime next Spring or early Summer.

Now an exciting excerpt from Surface Below: Dark Secrets!

Nikki came bouncing up to her and Becca tried hard, but she couldn’t help but smile at her friend’s silly girl act. Her best friend leaned against the bar and her hands tapped the old wood. A playful smile on her face. She smacked at her gum loudly.
“What?” Becca kept her face forward, biting her lower lip to keep from laughing. She could tell Nikki was up to something.
“Did you see the cutie in the back booth?”
She pointed behind her, just past the pool tables. Becca looked and her heart jumped at the sight of him. He was more than just a cutie, he was gorgeous. His shaved head, athletic build.
“He’s cute.” She looked away and absently bit at the inside of her lip. Nikki narrowed her eyes at her. She straightened now and pointed in the direction.
“Get your butt over there.”
Becca shook her head though, already feeling butterflies building in her tummy.
“Come on, Becca, go meet him. Go flirt.”
“Nikki….” Becca whined. She looked again and nibbled at her lip again. He was tucked away in the farther corner of the bar, his head buried in a book. She thought it odd, but the new face only piqued her curiosity. She gave Nikki another unsure look.
“Go,” Nikki ordered, pointing again.
“Stop, he’s going to see you.” Becca grabbed at her arm and pulled it away, already feeling her cheeks grow hot at the thought.
“Becca, come on.” Her best friend, her partner in crime. She groaned at her to go and spread her wings. Nikki just wanted to see Becca smile again. And she was sure this guy could do that.
“Becca Ann, listen to her. Go, have fun,” Linda encouraged her.
Linda was a longtime family friend and bartender. She set down a shot glass and filled it with some whiskey. She pushed it towards her. “Go on.”
Becca smiled and tipped the shot in her mouth. She grimaced and cringed as it burned down her throat.  
“Bleh, why did I do that?” She groaned, pushing away from the bar. “I hate both of you, just know that.” Becca narrowed her eyes at both of them, and shook her head.
Nikki squealed and jumped in place. “No, you love us!” she called after her.
Before she even got to the table, he looked up from the pages and it stopped her. His brilliant green eyes were dark and too inviting. Becca stood awestruck in front of him, biting at her lip. Her cheeks flushed and already she could feel the pulse in her ears. A shy awkward smile played at the corners of her lips.
“Miss?” he said quietly. William could hear her heart quicken. A smile touched his eyes as he watched the girl in front of him. This was why he loved humans so much. They were intriguing and beautiful. And this girl was no exception. “Miss?” he said it a little louder, breaking her trance.
Becca straightened and flattened out her apron around her waist, her fingers playing with the hem of it. “I…I’m sorry.” She fumbled for the words. It had been some time since a man had had that effect on her. “Um, can I get you something?”

Leeah Taylor is an american paranormal romance writer. She's been writing for nearly 18 years including short stories, poetry and full length novels. Her love for the paranormal led her to write and publish her first novel, Surface Below: Dark Secrets in July of 2016. Leeah is a stay at home mom of two beautiful children and wife of 14 years. When she's not writing, Leeah enjoys reading, crocheting and drawing.
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