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EskieMama Reads Review: A Wedding at Meadows Shore by Eva Charles

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Meadows Shore is the childhood home of the five Clayton sisters and the six Harrington brothers, the family seat where these irresistible characters gather regularly … or whenever they need the comfort of Portuguese home cooking and the love and wisdom of elder women. 

After Sophie Clayton catches her husband in bed with a young intern, she creates a new life for herself as the executive director of a failing domestic violence agency. It’s the perfect job for a woman born to fix everything. A friend’s broken heart, a tattered agency, a flat tire—she’ll roll up her sleeves and make it as good as new. Sophie rarely encounters anything she can’t fix…until she meets the devastatingly handsome and insufferably arrogant, Max Parker. One of Boston’s most eligible bachelors, he’s never without a stunning young woman on his arm and in his bed.

When Sophie’s forced to deal with Max, sparks fly, and somewhere in the crossfire of verbal daggers and clever barbs, she discovers his darkest secret.

There's an old Portuguese adage that translates as, "the rooster crows loudly, but it’s the hen who’s in charge.” And so it is with the Claytons and Harringtons: strong women, alpha males, and of course, Avó Angelina, the family matriarch who keeps them all on their best behavior. 

Bem vindo à família, Welcome to the family! 

All books in the Meadows Shore series are meant to be read as stand-alone novels—without cliff-hangers. 
Please be advised that the profanity and graphic sexual content contained in this novel are not appropriate for anyone under the age of 18. 

Review:                            5 Stars
A Wedding at Meadows Shore is a warm fuzzy feel good fun afternoon read. Both main characters are both have trouble past that have been them who they are today,  Sophie strong, independant woman who is always taking care of her siblings,and being there for her cousins, grandmother & aunts & doesn't take crap from anyone.  Max is a player & does not do relationships that is why he stays with the much younger woman & guilt due to his mother & sister.  I loved how they met & how Max always jumps to conclusions when it comes to Sophie, this book just kept me turning the page. I just loved the intereactions between Sophie & her male cousins especially Cole, Sophie wasn't afraid to put them in their places.  This book had everything I love in a romance, nosy but caring family,  amazing chemisty,  full of laughs & a few tears. I cannot wait to return to Meadows Shore to join the Clayton-Harrington clan & Avo Angelina again for a few more laughs & to see who finds love next.  Eva Charles has earned a new fan in this reader.

I received a free copy for my honest review!

Happy Reading!!!

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