Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy Memorial Day!!! Remember Some Gave ALL!!!

As you celebrate Memorial Day with family & friends at picnics & cookouts please take the time to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for you & this country's freedom. 

As a granddaughter of a WWII vet & a PROUD mother of a US National Guardman I am proud to be an American, I also know that my son may get that call & may make that ultimate sacrifice, I pay to God every night that does not happen but if that should happen I would know he gave his life for something he believed in & loved his family & country to the maximum to keep us safe & free.

So This Memorial Day if you know or see a military service man or woman please take the time to  shake their hand & thank them for their service & your freedom, you never know when they may make that ultimate sacrifice for you & our country.  Also if you know a family member of a military personnel who has made the ultimate sacrifce, or a former vet or active military thank them also for sacrificing their love ones,  take it from my experience it makes that love one know that their son/daughter, brother/sister, husband/wife is apprecitated in want they believe in & willing to fight for.

To all that gave the ulitimate sacrifice & their families THANK YOU for mine & this Country's freedom!!!

To all the Veterans & Active Military Men & Women & their families THANK YOU for your service!!!  
You All are the reason we are the Land of the Free & Home of the BRAVE!! You ARE the HEROS!!!

Wishing all a Happy & Safe Memorial Day!!!

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