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EskieMama Reads Review: Shattered Pieces by Christie Corbin

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Struggling to mend a broken soul can be more painful than leaving it shattered. Just ask Tori Blair. 
To most people, Tori has the perfect life. She has a great job, great friends. But looks can be deceiving. 
Behind closed doors, she battles the demons haunting her from a previous relationship. No matter how hard she tries to break away from the past, it keeps holding her down. 
Chandler Ashby thought joining the army to follow in his dad’s footsteps was what he wanted. After realizing military life wasn’t for him, he left and became a firefighter. A new career in a new city was exactly the fresh start he was looking for. 
But a chance encounter reunites him with the high school sweetheart he left behind. He soon realizes that the carefree girl he once loved is now a woman fighting to overcome fear and anxiety caused by another man. 
Will Chandler be able to save Tori from her demons, or will they both go down in the fight? 

Review:                         4 1/2 Stars

Shattered Pieces was a page turner to the very end, it drew me & I just couldn't but it down.  I just fell in love with Chandler he was the most caring, considerate loving man,my new hero & book boyfriend. He has been in love with Tori since highschool & you can just feel how much he truly cares & loves  her.  When he comes back into her life, he thinks it was bad timing when they reunite but oh was he so wrong, he was the right person to help Tori fight her demons.  Tori goes through so much in this book you just feel her pain, joy, anguish; you just want to reach into the book & give her a big hug.   Shattered Pieces shows love can destroy you & that love can save you, this was such an emotional book at times but also a few laughs. Congratulations to Christy Corbin on an amazing debut book, I recommend this book to everyone!! 

I received a free copy for my honest review!

Happy Reading!!!

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