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EskieMama & Dragon Lady Reads Midweek Spotlight w/Giveaway: A Sandman's Forbidden Love by Kristen Collins

Welcome to EskieMama & Dragon Lady Reads
Midweek Spotlight!

Today we are spotlighting Kristen Collins's 
A Sandman's Forbidden Love!

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Kristen Collins's
A Sandman's Forbidden Love!

When Sabal's night of training a rookie Sandman goes terribly wrong, she is saved by a Boogeyman named Sam. He hides her away in the Realm of Nightmares to keep her safe, unknown as to what’s drawn him to save a Sandman in a world where they’re meant to be enemies.

Sam’s whole world changed in that moment he laid eyes upon Sabal. Her fiery red hair with streaks of gold and wild green eyes with markings of gold and black vines framing her angelic face, he struggles with feelings he doesn’t understand. 

Torn by duty and love, will they fight for their forbidden love or will they succumb to the Romeo and Juliet tragedy that awaits them?


Q & A with Kristen Collins about
A Sandman's Forbidden Love!

Tell us about A Sandman's Forbidden Love.

Well, you have two worlds having a civil war so to speak for centuries. They fight over people’s dreams. While Sabal’s training a rookie, they stumble upon a child being attacked by Boogeymen and a fight ensues. Sabal is kidnapped by Sam but for an entirely different reason than she thought, and Sam gets more than he bargains for really quick. There are so many, “What are you thinking?” parts and lots of love/hate relationships in here as well.

What initially inspired you to write A Sandman's Forbidden Love?

I personally have had an obsession with Sandmen for quite awhile, I could never find any kind of story about them. There is seriously maybe one other one besides mine out there. So I decided to create one with my own design to it. This book plagued my dreams every night till I got it all out.

Tell us little about the characters in A Sandman's Forbidden Love.

You have Sabal who suffered some torture at younger age by the Boogeymen’s hands. So to deal with that she is a little Alice in Wonderland OCD obsessed. Sam is just different from what you would expect from a Boogeyman, soft? No that’s not right, meek but not weak in the slightest bit. You will see how each Sandman and Boogeyman are unique in their own way and abilities. Such as Kalisto, who is a healer in the in the Sandman world, then again, you have Boogeymen like Asha whose has the same abilities as a snake would possess. I tried to give everyone and everything their own uniqueness.

What was the hardest part of writing this book?

That would be writing the chemistry between Sabal and Sam, trying to create this love at first sight setting. The two of them dealing with their personal struggles and overcoming them to be with one another.

What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?

There are so many parts that I love, it’s too hard to really choose. I guess I would have to say Chessie is my favorite character in the story period, I mean a Jackalope? Being a Native Texans, they’re a myth we have grown up with quite a bit in my childhood. I love everything about them and decided to give our Sabal, an animal that would be unique in itself to her.

Also, the first time Sabal and Sam give into each other is my favorite scene, it was so intense writing this part of the story out. I felt like I was really there, watching it all play out like something out of a movie.

What are your future project(s)?

Right now, I’m working on the The Child with Silver Eyes, which is book two to Grimm Love. It’s Mia’s story, and you will see she has changed dramatically since Grimm Love but the Story’s point-of-view is mostly from the main man character’s point of view. I’m hoping to have it released by fall at the latest.

I’m also working on a book in a Multi-Author Series called the Happy Ending Resort Series, about this little resort where you can encounter anything from horror to a little magic to a bit of of the supernatural. My book will be #41 in the series called Down the Rabbit Hole, where my character finds herself at the Happy Ending Resort after her disaster of a wedding to an abusive fiance. Only to find a handsome Maddox there, but he has a secret. Little did she know that she has met him before and she’s in for whole new world of romance and passion as an accident occurs and she finds herself transported to Crazy Depp Resort, a warped version of The Happy Ending Resort. Let’s just say it’s going to be crazy.

Is there anything else you would like to tell the readers about this book/series?

I have been asked about writing more books that can be added on to this one, to give Sabal’s son, Niall, a book of his own. Also Kalisto, The Phantom Queen, and Nanna their own book too. I have to say right now, I’m also considering it after I finish up my other two projects in the works now.

Now an exciting excerpt from 
A Sandman's Forbidden Love!

I dreamt of nothing but awoke to so much more, vague and fading images flashing through my mind as I had rolled over and was snuggled up to Sam. My shoulder had closed up but was still very sore. I froze realizing how close I was to him, his arm was securely wrapped around me tight and protectively. I watched his steady breath going in and out. There was innocence on his face while he slept, but I wondered about the horrors he had faced since childhood here in the Realm of Nightmares.
I had no sense of time in this place, I wondered how long we had slept and how long I had been here. Minus the almost dying part, I was enjoying Sam’s company more and more. He’s like no one I had ever met in my entire existence. He was knocking a wall down that I had put up a very long time ago. He fascinates me, and I admire his strength to be true to himself no matter the consequences of it.
I didn’t want to move, I didn’t want him to wake up and ruin this moment. Would he be mad that I’m lying so close to him? Does he feel any of this confusion like I do? What is going on in my head?!I feel like I’m going crazy on the inside. He or whatever it is, will eventually drive me utterly insane if I don’t get some space. My brain feels so jumbled around him, I can’t think straight to save my life.
“You’re so adorable when you’re thinking too hard.” My head snapped back up in surprise at his voice still groggy from sleep.
“How long have you been awake?” 
“Long enough to watch your little inner debate going on. How are you feeling?” He asked sincerely.
“I’m sore, but I think I can move my arm better than before. How long have I been asleep this time?” 
“A few days…”
“A few days!!” I jumped, but Sam held onto me trying to ease my worries I gasped at the soreness, chastising myself.
“You developed a fever late the other night after passing out. I realized too late that Olga’s arrow must have been poisoned, so I gave you another round of transfusion from my blood.” He said nonchalantly rubbing my arm.
Embarrassed by the closeness between us, I sat up too fast forgetting my wounds. I grabbed my shoulder moaning at the pain. “Ouch! Man, that hurts like hell!”
“Are you okay? Don’t move too fast, you need to take it easy still. Here let me look at it.” His voice was like velvet in my ears, caressing me like a blanket of clouds.
Sam's hands were warm and soft as he lifted my shirt pulling my arm out of it. I couldn’t help but grit my teeth as he peeled the bandages off the wound. 
“It should be closed by now, but it’s still sensitive to touch,” I said letting out a breath I didn’t realize I was even holding.
“Your cuts are already scarring. I wish there was something I could do about that. I hate that your beautiful face was marred by her, but it is still beautiful, nonetheless.” His hand gently ran down my cheek leaving a trail of fire where he touched. 
“I. Umm…” I pushed his hand away from my face, guilt gripping at me from the look of disappointment on his face. “I will be fine, scars are a part of battles and war.” A nervous feeling made me jump up. Was it shame or guilt? I wasn’t sure. “I can’t do this.”
All I knew was that I needed some space to think and I need it now. I stood up too fast, my legs giving out from under me but Sam was already there catching me before I could fall.
“Are you okay? Do I make you nervous Sabal?” He said as he helped me up, my legs still felt shaky as he helped me stand there. I was trying to decide if my legs were that weak or was Sam’s closeness the cause of it.
“No, of course not,” I said, pushing him away trying to play it off. But my voice was giving me away.
“Did you know you talk in your sleep? Or it could have been the fever, but I liked what you said.” His mischievous smile spread across his face making him more handsome.
“What? I don’t talk in my sleep!” I said dignified yet horrified at the idea of it.
“What were you dreaming about Sabal?” He pushed, his eyes looking intently into mine.
“Nothing! I remember nothing but a black hole of darkness!” When I awoke, that’s all I thought had happened, nothing, no dreams, just a black vast of emptiness… Or was it? I felt my face flush red, as images flickered across my mind of Sam and I together. Intimate touches and sweet caresses between us.
Sam walked forward as I was forced back against the bed. I defiantly stood there refusing to budge another inch.
“You called out for me, you woke up with the fever and begged me to stay. Told me you didn’t want to be alone.” His smile turned smug, he was happy about this.
“The fever obviously made me hallucinate, because I don’t need you or anybody.” I lied.
The words rushed out, but they weren’t true. I wanted him, but the inner conflict continued to roar back and forth as I fought between whether I should or shouldn’t act on my feelings. A pain crossed his face at my words, guilt stung deeper within me. Were my growing feelings for him greater than the loyalty to my people?
“You can lie to yourself all you want Sabal, but we both know that’s not true.” Sam’s face was blank, there was no portrayal of emotion. I couldn’t read him anymore. The only side of emotion was his clenched fist by his side.
He turned walking up the stairs and disappeared through the wall. I jumped at the sound of the door slamming as he left. There was a connection between us, I couldn’t deny. Yet I continued to try and defy it at every turn, I refused to let him in even though a part of me wanted to. If I do, will it be the end of me?

Author Bio:

I'm a Native Texan, born and raised close to the heart of the state. Also I'm a stay at home mom/housewife, as well as a Lupus Warrior. 
Thanks to the encouragement of friends and family, I found a passion in writing paranormal romance books. Anything fantasy usually suits me and my novels tend to be able to reach anyone in multiple genres. 
I also create art journals that can be cross generational from thirteen to sixty years younger, My goal with these types of books are to reach people who need that extra feel good in their lives.

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